Analytic Call Tracking Guide Videos

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These videos will walk you through ACT, ACT Enterprise edition, installing ACT, and setting up ACT for use with international (non-US) numbers.

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ACT Install Guide Introduction

Adding A Subdomain In cPanel

Downloading The ACT Files

Uploading The ACT Files To The Webhost

Adding The ACT MySQL Database

Configuring ACT

Top 3 ACT Install Errors Introduction

PDOException - Access Denied For User

Fatal Error: Uncaught Exception

Fatal Error: Class 'PDO' Not Found

ACT Walkthrough Introduction

Updating ACT

Updating ACT Manually

Upgrading To Enterprise

Uploading Files In cPanel

Setting Up A Company

Verifying A Number In Twilio

Purchasing Phone Numbers

Assigning A Number To A Company

Setting Up A Caller ID Number

Adding An Outgoing Number To A Company

Round Robin Calling

Call Multiple Numbers At Once

Advanced Call Flow

Adding A Whisper To A Company

Adding A Recording Notification To A Company

Dynamic Referrer Tracking

Keyword Level Tracking

Google Analytics Tracking

KISSmetrics Tracking

Email Tracking

Disable Recordings For All Companies

Adding Your Company Logo To ACT

Your Company Info On Call Reports

Phone Code Templates

Adding Phone Codes

Call Details

Emailing Call Details

Call Reports

Usage Reports

Adding A User And Editing Permissions

Email Alerts

Reset A User's Password


Call Handler Exception

Email Templates

SMS Forwarding

Enterprise Introduction

Auto Dialer

Voice And SMS Broadcast

Auto Billing

Call Maker

ACT iPhone App

ACT Android App

ACT Chrome Extension

ACT Click2Call Wordpress Plugin

ACT International Numbers Guide Introduction

Setting Up International Numbers In Twilio

Setting Up Your International Number In ACT

Making A Test Call With Your Number

Where To Find Conversions For Phone Calls In Google Analytics

Browser Softphone With Agent IVR

Resetting A Number's URL

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